World Cup Shatters Internet-Video Streaming Records

World Cup Shatters Internet-Video Streaming Records

Group play hasn’t even ended, but the World Cup has already shattered online-video streaming records. 

According to Variety, the World Cup has “already broken the record for peak amount of online-video streaming bandwidth as delivered by Akamai Technologies, and also set new high-water marks for ESPN’s and Univision’s digital-video services.” Here are some of the impressive numbers:

Monday’s Germany-Portugal match drove a peak of 4.3 terabits per second of streaming video on Akamai’s content-delivery network, blowing past the previous high of 3.5 Tbps as measured for the U.S.-Canada men’s hockey semifinal during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The streaming-video peak for the USA-Ghana match came in at 3.2 Tbps, behind last Friday’s 3.4 Tbps for the Spain-Netherlands contest, according to Akamai.

ESPN got its highest-ever rating for a World Cup game for its USA-Ghana broadcast on Monday, and nearly 16 million Americans watched the U.S. thrillingly defeat Ghana 2-1 on either ESPN or Univision.