Oregon Man Claims to Be Wilt Chamberlain’s Son

Wilt Chamberlain

With a well-known reputation for womanizing, famed NBA star Wilt Chamberlain has always escaped any proven claims of paternity. But now a 50-year-old man from Oregon challenges that record with a claim that he is Chamberlain’s son.

Aaron Levi, a six-foot-five man from South Eugene, Oregon, says he always felt out of place in his chosen field as an artist. At his towering height, many assumed that he was a basketball player. But Levi says he isn’t interested in sports.

Levi was adopted to a white family as a child and did not know his real parents but his adopted parents did tell him that his mother was white and his father a six-foot-ten black basketball player. The Santa Clara County, California, social services confirmed that much.

An article by Sports Illustrated writer Gary Pomerantz reports that Levi has “compelling details” in the documentation of his biological parents and that photos of Levi as a 16-year-old reveals the spitting image of a young Wilt Chamberlain.

The player always claimed that he never had any children despite his well-publicized claim of having bedded over 20,000 women. And since his death from a heart-attack in 1999, Chamberlain’s claim has remained unchallenged.

But writer Pomerantz says he finds compelling evidence that Levi just might have a claim.

Having already found his biological mother, Levi insists that he isn’t looking for a claim to Chamberlain’s estate or even the name. He just wants to get to know his family.

“I am simply an adopted person who has been on a long journey of self-discovery,” Levi told the writer.

Mr. Levi also said that he hopes that his story helps other adoptees take the time to look for their own biological parents.

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