Curt Schilling Praise of ‘Rope. Tree. Journalist.’ T-Shirt Causes Stir

Elsa/Getty Images
Elsa/Getty Images

Liberal Media are feigning outrage against Curt Shilling for a message he tweeted “Ok so much awesome here” in response to a trump supporter donning a t-shirt at a rally in Minnesota on Sunday expressing disdain for journalists.

“Rope. Tree. Journalist,” the shirt says. “Some assembly required.”

The idea that some Americans might be perturbed at journalists is no surprise given the number of journalists uncovered by Wikileaks in cahoots with the Clinton campaign. John Harwood of CNBC/New York Times, Rebecca Quick of CNBC, and Nick Kristof of the New York Times are just a few unmasked for coordinating with the Clinton machine.

Deadspin writer Patrick Redford fails to see any humor in the t-shirt message and headlines his take on the topic: Curt Schilling, World Series Hero, Wants Me Dead. Redford is so incensed by the tweet he even disses the Boston Red Sox icon’s avatar. He writes, “His avatar is still his fucked-up gross ankle.”

The media’s outrage at Schilling’s tweet is a special kind of hypocrisy given their silence at the recent findings that the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Convention instigated birddogging. The provocative tactics involve sending individuals to Trump rallies to incite violence. The strategy was to undermine Trumps efforts to become the next president of the United States by creating chaos.

Schilling who now hosts his own online talk show “Whatever It Takes” on received plenty of push back on Twitter for his tweet, reports USA Today.  The owner of three World Series championship rings said the tweet was “100% sarcasm” and noted that the shirt was hardly as offensive as Benghazi.

According to USA Today, Schilling believes there was nothing wrong with what he said and the tweet remained on his twitter feed as of Monday night.

Former MLB pitcher Dan Haren trolled his ex-teammate’s tweet afterward.