On a Night of Riots, Blues and Blackhawks Fans Sing National Anthem Together

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

On a night when the same people who told us that we had to accept the election results no matter what chose to burn flags and launch massive protests across the country in response to Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, a very unifying scene did in fact emerge in an environment not exactly known for tender and warm feelings.

The Scottrade Center in St. Louis set the stage on Wednesday for the Blues and the Blackhawks to play the latest edition of one of the NHL’s most heated rivalries. Before that, the anthem had to be sung, and sung it was.

As you’ll see, the first assist of the night came not from a center or right winger but from the crowd, who worked to make sure the anthem came off just right:

After that the Blues and the Blackhawks joined hands and resolved to play a clean game that emphasized sportsmanship and camaraderie. Just kidding, several different fights ensued, one of which resulted in the issuing of a pair of five-minute fighting majors.

Though, the anthem thing was still really cool.

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