Roy Williams Noncommittal About Tar Heel White House Visit, Says, ‘Let Me Think On It’

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In the past, North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball Coach Roy Williams has minced no words when it’s come to President Donald Trump, specifically POTUS’s Twitter habits.

Williams once famously said that “our president tweets out more bulls**t than anybody I’ve ever seen.”

However, when asked whether or not his team would visit the White House after winning the NCAA Championship on Monday night, Williams minced away, with a response that left plenty of room for interpretation.

Williams had this discussion with a reporter at the postgame press conference:

Reporter: You said, I guess, on Friday that you’d give an honest answer on Monday about going to the White House and going to see President Trump if you won. Now that you’re here, I’m curious, can’t jinx yourself. So what your thoughts are.

Williams: I haven’t had any. I probably screwed it up. I should have told you let me think about it afterwards, because I wasn’t going to jinx myself.

We won in ’05; we never got invited. I don’t know if we’re going to get invited this time. That’s a bad way to put it.

They invited us in September when they were doing a lot of teams. Well, all my team were already at the NBA training camp and two of them in Europe. So we didn’t go in ’05. And we did go in ’09.

But, you know, the office of the presidency of the United States is the most fantastic place you can be. But let me think on it.

Again, I don’t know that we’re going to get invited. I really don’t. But I know one thing, we’re putting up a nice banner in the Smith Center that’s hard to get.

That’s hardly the definitive, “honest answer” that Williams had promised if his team won. On the contrary, it sounds like Williams has radically dialed back the rhetoric on Trump since referring to Trump’s Twitter habits as “BS” during the ACC tournament.

In any event, Williams will have some time to think it over. The Patriots will become the first sports team to visit the White House, when they make the trip on April 19th.

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