Shaun King, Michael Moore Bemoan Jaguars QB Signing While Supposedly Boycotting the NFL

AP King

For a man who has said that he’s boycotting the NFL, Shaun King is remarkably aware of NFL personnel moves.

Late Tuesday night, the writer and activist took to Twitter to bemoan the Jaguars signing of Ryan Nassib. Yet another quarterback not named Colin Kaepernick. King tweeted:

Why this move should surprise King, is somewhat a mystery. Jaguars VP Tom Coughlin couldn’t have made it more clear, just a couple weeks ago, that Jacksonville had no interest in signing Kaepernick. Nor, would one think, would Kaepernick have any real interest in going to there. Considering that he and Tom Coughlin would make for probably the oddest couple in all of the NFL. Given that Coughlin is a passionate football man and deeply patriotic. While Kaepernick is, well, the opposite of those things.

Nonetheless, King’s tweet got a response from another lefty who is boycotting the NFL, Michael Moore:

What’s funny about this comment, is that the Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan, actually said he wouldn’t have a problem signing Kaepernick to his squad. However, Khan gave Coughlin full control of personnel all decisions. That’s why they chose not to sign Kaepernick, but that was Coughlin’s decision, not the supposedly racist owner’s.

Then of course, there’s the bomb Ray Lewis dropped earlier this month. In which he claims the Baltimore Ravens, with their white Owner Steve Bisciotti, were all-set to offer Kaepernick a contract. That is, before Kaepernick’s girlfriend tweeted a pic analogizing Bisciotti and Ray Lewis, to a slave master and Uncle Tom.

So, it wasn’t the racist white owner who conspired to thwart Kaepernick’s return to the league, it was his girlfriend. Maybe Michael Moore should boycott her?



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