LeBron James Says Racism Is the Only Thing President Trump Is ‘Fantastic For,’ Calls Trump ‘Orange’

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Eminem attacked President Trump, Trump voters, and many others during his performance at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards Show. However, he also made some friends.

NBA star LeBron James had much to say about Eminem’s performance. In a tweet that referenced an often-used sexual analogy, the Fantastic 4, and the impossibility of an orange human. LeBron had this to say about Trump, after Eminem finished his freestyle performance:

In a normal world, this tweet would be met with harsh condemnation and disciplinary action from the league the sender of this tweet plays for.

However, because the sender of this tweet is LeBron James, the league he plays for is the NBA, and we in no way live in a normal world, nothing will likely come from this.

Though, in a funny way the rampant athlete protests and statements, such as the one James made in his tweet, have actually hurt the argument of activist athletes. A major part of the athletes protests has been the claim that there is oppression in the country.

Well, if we truly lived in an oppressive state, would James be able to post a tweet like this?


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