Without Fanfare or Publicity, the Yankees Send Flowers to the Families of Fallen Police Officers

GTY Jeter
Getty Images

There’s not much that the most popular team in the media capital of the world can do without getting noticed. However, what the New York Yankees have done under the radar over the last three years, may be more meaningful than anything the “Bombers” have done on the field.

According to the New York Times, the Yankees have been sending flowers to the families of fallen police officers all over the country:

While the Yankees have been sending flowers to families of slain officers locally for some time, the efforts to honor families nationally grew because of Vice President and Chief Security Officer Sonny Hight. As a former NYPD detective, the issue of fallen officers and their families was intensely personal. So much so, that Hight began extending the flower sending after he heard of the death of an officer in another state.

While nearly every professional sports franchise makes public overtures of respect to the military and police force in some way, not everyone backs that up with quiet acts of tribute. Whether you’re a Yankee fan or not, that’s pretty special.

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