Alabama Fan Dies in Hospital After Bar Fight with LSU Fans

Getty Images/Don Juan Moore

An Alabama Crimson Tide fan has died due to injuries he sustained in a bar fight with LSU fans, following the LSU-Alabama game on Saturday night.

Robert Bowers, 46, was celebrating Alabama’s 29-0 victory over LSU in a bar in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, when he got involved in a fight with two LSU fans, WBRZ’s Jeremy Krail reported.

According to Krail, police have arrested the LSU fans and have charged them with felony manslaughter.

In the minds of at least one member of Bowers’ family, “the attack was motivated by Bowers’ fandom,” Krail reports.

Bowers went to the bar with his daughter, her boyfriend, and his cousin. According to Bowers’ daughter — who left the bar before the alleged assault occurred, but heard about what happened later on — the trouble began when Bowers’ cousin began buying drinks for everyone at the bar.

According to the Times-Picayune via Bleacher Report:

“All she wanted to do is be friendly and buy people’s drinks,” Alexandria Bowers said of her cousin. “Somebody’s boyfriend didn’t like that. It escalated from there.”

One man punched Bowers. He and an accomplice “kept hitting him while he was on the ground,” according to Bowers’ daughter.

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