Report: Trump Upset with DirecTV over Missing UFC Fight

President Trump

Getting people to provide the service they said they were going to provide, seems to be an ongoing battle with the president. As the government enters its second week of shutdowns — and the president trying to get the legislative branch to serve the American people by providing them with the security they said they would provide — TMZ is reporting that President Trump is also at odds with another type of service provider.

The service provider in question? DirecTV.

TMZ reports:

According to Dana White, Trump REALLY wanted to see UFC 226 — Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic — and ponied up the $65 to order the pay-per-view on DirecTV.

But, Dana says some ‘Presidential stuff’ went down during the July 7 event, and Trump had to step away from his TV.

A few days later, when Trump finally got some free time to finish the fight — White says the fight was already gone from his DVR … and he couldn’t watch the end on demand.

‘So, he said, ‘If I paid for the fight, shouldn’t I get to watch the rest of the fight whenever I’m ready to watch it again?”

Dana says he sees Trump’s point and thinks POTUS is probably right … but it’s a beef the President needs to settle with DirecTV.

President Trump and UFC President Dana White have a friendship that goes back years. President Trump is also a well-known fan of both boxing and the UFC.

It’s hard not to see the president’s point here. After all, if you purchase something, normally it’s yours to watch, eat, drive, or do whatever with, whenever you want.

Why shouldn’t that also be the case with a PPV fight?

I’m sure DirecTV has good reasons for doing things this way, but it seems silly. Though, sooner or later the president may be on the phone demanding an answer. That is, as soon as he solves this pesky border wall thing.

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