Megan Rapinoe Says Meeting Trump Would Not ‘Change His Mind’

Megan Rapinoe
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U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe insisted that there would be little reason to meet with President Donald Trump because he would not change his mind on any issue about which they disagree.

Rapinoe noted that some people have told her to meet with the president, anyway, so that she might have an opportunity to discuss the issues she finds most important, according to USA Today.

But Rapinoe insisted that such a meeting would be pointless.

“A lot of people have said, ‘Why don’t you make a demand of the president that he’ll sit down and talk with you if go to the White House?'” the player told the New York Times Magazine. “But I’m not going to be naïve and think that I’m going to sit down with Trump and he’s going to change his mind. There are children locked up at the border who are dying, and that’s not fazing him. So why would I faze him?”

Of course, Rapinoe is wholly incorrect about “children dying” in the custody of immigration officials. There are no large numbers of illegal aliens dying in U.S. custody, whether they are children or not.

The left’s favorite soccer player also claimed that she feels she is not just an icon for leftists.

“In this incredible moment that I have, I would like to use this platform to unify people,” Rapinoe exclaimed. “That doesn’t mean get everybody to the left, but I want to bring everybody to the conversation, and the basis of it is equal rights.”

Rapinoe apparently only imagines that conversations with her should be one way and that only Trump and his supporters need to “change.” With assumptions like that going in, perhaps a meeting with her really would be a waste of time?

The player has made her ideals well known. Rapinoe spent the entirety of the World Cup games in France protesting against the U.S. and attacking the president. And only a week ago she slammed Americans who disagree with her anthem protests.

Rapinoe’s girlfriend, WNBA player Sue Bird, also recently chimed in about Trump and stuck up for Rapinoe in her feud with the president, insisting that calling Trump out and speaking about politics is an athlete’s duty.

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