WVU President Says College Football Will Happen, Even if He Has to Play

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Everyone wants college football to return in the fall. Though, some are willing to do more than others to make that happen.

During an appearance on Pro Football Talk, West Virginia University President Gordon Gee made a bold prediction and pledge regarding the college football season.

“We are going to play football in the fall, I really do believe that,” Gee said. “Even if I have to suit up.”

Gee, 76, will likely not have to don helmet and cleats. Though it’s reassuring that he believes actual athletes will be doing so.

“We’re going to do it based on what is safe, what is healthy for our fans, what is healthy for our student-athletes,” Gee asserted. “But I do believe that we will play football.”

Much of what will determine whether college football goes on, will come down to fall classes. If classes are in session, then the games should resume. If not, then the NCAA further opens themselves up to the accurate charge that their Division I student-athletes are much more athlete, than student.

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