Fox Sports’ Rob Parker Calls Tim Tebow NFL Tryout ‘Ultimate White Privilege’

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Former NFL player Tim Tebow could be an NFL player once again after earning a tryout with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Fox Sports Radio host Rob Parker thought the whole deal smelled of “white privilege.”

“It’s the ultimate white privilege.” Parker said on The Odd Couple radio program. “This guy has failed in the NFL, he can’t play. I know he played for [Jaguars head coach] Urban Meyer in college, I get that, but so have a lot of other people.”

Parker went on to insist that Tebow does not deserve another chance at joining the NFL.

“I have nothing against his religious beliefs; he’s a devout Christian, that’s all great and nice. I have no issues with that. He’s NO GOOD. How ’bout that? Why do people keep giving this guy chances when he doesn’t deserve it?” Parker continued. “Tim Tebow is a FAILURE on the pro level! Tim Tebow is a LOSER.”

Tebow, of course, was an NFL quarterback from 2010 to 2015. He then attempted to transition to pro baseball by joining several minor league teams in the Mets organization from 2016 to 2020. Tebow announced his retirement from baseball in February.

Now, it appears that Tebow has set his eye on pro football, once again, with the help of Urban Meyer, the head coach of the Jaguars, and the head coach of the University of Florida, where Tebow played college ball.

Parker’s criticism, though, was not shared by co-host Chris Broussard, who slammed Parker for citing white privilege.

“Stop it. This takes away from when there’s real racism. Stop it. This is foolishness. There is real white privilege, and this isn’t it,” Broussard exclaimed.

Broussard added that Tebow is not engaging in white privilege. “Tim Tebow didn’t get that tryout because he’s white, he got the tryout because he has a great relationship with Urban Meyer,” he said.

Broussard also added that there are other examples of white privilege in the NFL. “I look at Joe Judge and Dan Campbell and Adam Gase, that’s white privilege! I ain’t worried about freakin’ Tim Tebow.”

Parker was undaunted, saying, “He’s a white guy who they like, that’s the only reason he’s getting these opportunities.”

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