Leftists Forget Kaepernick’s Mockery of NFL Tryout as They Attack Tim Tebow

Colin Kaepernick
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

As liberals continue to attack the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tim Tebow over supposed “white privilege,” they ignore the fact that Colin Kaepernick made a mockery of the NFL’s offer to continue his career.

Twitter went wild on Monday when news broke that the Jags were set to give Tebow a shot at renewing his pro football career. Many leftists accused the NFL of indulging “white privilege” for allowing Tebow to get another shot at the NFL while Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned.

But what these detractors have ignored to push their narrative is that Colin Kaepernick refused repeated opportunities to continue his NFL career.

Indeed, when he turned free agent in 2017, Kaepernick turned down an offer from the San Francisco 49ers to stay with them. Kaepernick decided not to return to the 49ers and to offer his services to the league as a free agent.

Even at the time, sources inside the league felt that Kaepernick had concerns other than football on his mind. “Colin thinks he’s fighting a much higher battle than he is. He views himself as a race messiah,” a source said of Kaepernick’s decision to turn down the 49ers in 2017.

That was not the only chance Kaepernick had to continue his football career. In 2018, for instance, John Elway revealed that the Denver Broncos offered Kaepernick a contract that the national anthem protester turned down.

The two offers above, though, are the least of them. In 2019, the NFL bent over backward to offer Kaepernick a workout to prove that he was still ready to play. However, despite the generous offer made only to help Kaepernick get his career back on track, he refused the league’s offer to work out in front of team representatives and, instead, set up his own workout at which few team reps attended.

Kaepernick’s stunt seemed to prove that all Colin Kaepernick wants is a platform to speak out about his social issues instead of an opportunity to prove he is still ready to play pro football. Meanwhile, Tim Tebow just wants to play football.

Even rapper Jay-Z, who claims to have helped secure the NFL workout, pronounced his disappointment in Kaepernick for not taking the NFL’s offer seriously.

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