‘He Can Use a Cart’: Phil Mickelson Takes Shot at Tiger, Says LIV Would ‘Dominate’ PGA in Tournament

Phil Mickelson
Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have always maintained a healthy rivalry. But things seem to have gotten a little more aggressive now that the two are no longer playing on the same team.

On Thursday, Mickelson responded to a fan’s suggestion that the PGA Tour and LIV hold an event similar to the Ryder Cup in which Mickelson would captain the LIV team, and Tiger Woods would lead the PGA squad.

Mickelson was not opposed to the idea at all. However, when explaining why it wouldn’t happen, he basically trashed the PGA Tour’s hypothetical Tiger Woods-led team.

“It sounds great, but we would dominate them so soundly and it would be over so quick that tv would have to fill an hour of dead time. That’s why it’s not happening at this time,” Mickelson said.

But tell us how you really feel, Phil. I mean, he’s not wrong, but dang.

Fans on Twitter took Mickelson to task for his level of…shall we say…confidence in the LIV crew. But “Lefty” fired right back and did not back down at all.

Mickelson took a shot at Woods directly when another fan copied Woods’ Twitter handle in an attempt to make the tournament happen.



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