WATCH: Australian Man Punches Kangaroo, Saves Dog from Drowning

Getty Images/Jami Tarris

A lot of people love their dogs. I’m not sure how many people love their dogs as much as this guy in Australia.

Mick Moloney, a resident of Mildura in northwest Victoria, confronted a rather muscular kangaroo who was attempting to drown his dog in the water. As Moloney describes it, he was hanging out near a river when he noticed that his dog Hatchi was in the clutches of the muscle-bound marsupial. Seeing the dog in obvious distress, Moloney charged into the river and politely informed the kangaroo he was about to punch him.

Then he punched him.

Moloney had a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Even remarking that the “jacked” roo looked like it had “just got out of jail’ or something.”

And it really did.

Moloney is no stranger to combat, though. When he’s not fighting roos in the river, he’s teaching his fellow Australians the finer points of mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

So, note to kangaroos in the greater Mildura area: Watch out whose dog you try to drown.


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