US authorities say malware from North Korea may be lurking in computer systems, giving hackers remote access

Ten Chinese Agents Charged with Hacking Aviation Companies

The Justice Department unsealed federal charges Tuesday against ten Chinese agents, including intelligence officers, accused of running a five-year hacking operation to steal technology from American aviation companies. The Justice Department promised more indictments of Chinese agents.

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Trump Orders Investigation into National Security Threat of World Aluminum Excess

WASHINGTON, D.C.–On Thursday President Donald Trump signed a memorandum highlighting the importance of a new Department of Commerce investigation into aluminum imports to the U.S. and the threat to national security in light of global overcapacity and increasing U.S. military demand for high quality aluminum.

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White House Secretly Dismissed $10 Million Jury Judgment to Make Iran Deal Work

Reuters reports Wednesday that part of the deal to secure the release of American prisoners in Iran involved the Administration throwing out a $10 million claim from a Maryland jury against an Iranian-American defendant, even though the defendant himself did not want to be part of the deal.

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Boeing Auctioning Long Beach Aircraft Factory Equipment

Over the last decade, California has lost half of the 35,000 Boeing employees who were working at very good jobs at very good wages. Despite labor troubles, there was always hope that another military spending cycle would eventually fill Boeing’s cavernous aircraft assembly plant in Long Beach. But the dream is about to expire, as Boeing starts auctioning off all the plant’s equipment.