Ahmadi Muslims

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Ahmadis: UK Muslims Must Take US-Style Pledge of Allegiance

A small, peaceful sect of Muslim – who are persecuted and attacked by mainstream Islam – have demanded all Muslims school children swear a US-style pledge of allegiance to the UK to encourage integration.


Murdered Newsagent Is An Infidel, Claims BBC ‘Radicalisation’ Expert

One of the UK’s most prominent and widely cited experts on Islamic radicalisation is under investigation for insisting that a shopkeeper, murdered for being an apostate, is indeed an apostate. Shiraz Maher, a Sunni Muslim and senior research fellow at the International


Muslim Shopkeeper Killing Was Religiously Motivated

The Muslim man who murdered shopkeeper Asad Shah on the Easter Weekend in Glasgow has confessed that his motivation for the crime was religious in nature. Tanveer Ahmed has been charged with the murder of the shopkeeper outside his premises last month,

Asad Shah

Muslim Sectarians Celebrate Brutal Murder of Glasgow Shopkeeper

The horrific murder of Asad Shah, a peaceful Ahmadi Muslim shopkeeper living in Glasgow, has been celebrated online by Muslims who believe his brand of Islam is “false” and “heretical”. Previous online postings by the group have also emerged attacking


Opinion: What Qasim Rashid Doesn’t Want You to Know About Islam

Ahmadi Muslim spokesman Qasim Rashid is a one-man cottage industry of deception and hypocrisy, churning out article after article purporting to prove that the Muslims who are killing, enslaving, and terrorizing people all over the world in the name of Islam are really misinterpreting their faith.