Ahmadis: UK Muslims Must Take US-Style Pledge of Allegiance

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A small sect of Muslims – who are persecuted and attacked by mainstream Islam – have demanded all Muslim school children swear a US-style pledge of allegiance to the UK to encourage integration.

“Not only should we raise the flag, but everybody in the Muslim community should have to pledge loyalty to Britain in schools”, asserted Khalil Yousuf, a spokesman for the Ahmadi Muslim community.

He also said that raising the British flag was “not a symbolic gesture”, but “part of our faith”.

The global Ahmadi Caliphate – which is peaceful, non-political and spiritual – is based in London, and this weekend is the community’s annual conference, attracting approximately 30,000 people from 100 countries.

Speaking at the event, Ahmed Owusu-Konadu, an Ahmadi Muslim from Glasgow, explained how his community remained shocked after the murder of Ahmadi shopkeeper Asad Shah after he praised his “beloved Christian nation” earlier this year.

“The raising of the flag is beautiful,” he said, according to Telegraph. “We do this as opposed to so-called Muslims who are planning to attack the country they live in and who cause atrocities.”

Yesterday, Breitbart London revealed how tens of thousands of Muslim around the world are celebrating the British, Sunni Muslim killer of Mr. Shah. The murderer drove 200 miles from Bradford because Mr. Shah had supposedly “disrespected Islam”.

Ahmadis are officially classed as apostates in their native Pakistan and the Muslim Council of Britain – the largest and most influential Muslim group in Britain – was until recently officially affiliated to a group calling for “capital punishment” against the sect on posters in mosques and universities around the UK.

Ahmadis, therefore, have long been at the forefront of the struggle for a peaceful, moderate form of Islam. However, the mainstream media consistently ignores their plight and attributes their pro-Western action to mainstream Islam.

Breitbart London exposed how the mainstream media covered up the fact that an “interfaith” Mass in France, held after an Islamist beheaded a Catholic priest in Normandy, was organized by Ahmadis – ironically, therefore, implicitly attributing it to their oppressors.


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