Russia Weighs in on South China Sea: ‘We Support China’

The fallout from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s very public insults towards President Barack Obama continues. Russia, previously silent on China’s creeping invasion of Philippine territory in the South China Sea, has now issued a statement supporting Beijing.

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Undisputed Top ‘Recruiter’ for ISIS? Barack Hussein Obama

Obama can barely stifle a yawn when talking about the heinous acts of terrorists, but his blood really gets pumping when he has an opportunity to savage his fellow Americans. You can see the light flickering on in his eyes, like the neon tubes buzzing to life at a back-roads convenience store after sunset.

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China Accuses Philippines of Violating South China Sea Agreement

If China’s talk of rebuilding the legendary “Silk Road” trade route is a means of asserting dominance over Asian land and water, it is hardly the only muscle Beijing is flexing. Reuters reports that the Chinese are accusing the Philippines of violating a largely informal code governing the South China Sea by constructing military and civilian facilities on certain disputed islands. The Philippines Foreign Ministry levels the exact same charge against China.