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Some Texas Schools Ban ‘Suspension’ for Youngest Students

Some Texas school districts are revisiting their zero tolerance policies to examine how they can better serve their most vulnerable population, students enrolled in pre-Kindergarten through second grade, by banning suspensions and other disciplinary punishments.


Austin Schools Jump on ‘Sanctuary’ Bandwagon

In a special session held Monday evening, Austin Independent School District trustees voted 9-0 to adopt a sanctuary policy resolution that strives to “create a safe and caring learning environment so as to foster a culture of trust and respect” for all students “regardless of their immigration status or the status of their parents.”

A classroom is seen February 21, 2014, at Steuart W. Weller Elementary School in Ashburn, Virginia.

U. Texas Anti-Trump Demonstration Promises Social Justice ‘Twerkshop’

An eclectic array of protests are scheduled to take place across Texas in response to Donald Trump’s inauguration, promising to galvanize a gamut of outrage in social justice marches, civil rights group demonstrations, college and high school student actions, women’s rights rallies, and feminist empowerment “twerking” sessions.


Qatar Gives $100,000 to Texas School to Push Arabic Language and Culture

The Qatar Foundation International (QFI) granted $100,000 to a Texas school district to promote Arabic language and culture classes that begin next school year. This marks the third school district in Texas to accept funds from the Qatari non-profit’s global gift-giving arm.

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Texas Principal Charged with Soliciting Minor Online Allegedly Sexting Young Relative

Disturbing details emerged about the Texas middle school principal charged with soliciting a minor online. The principal purportedly texted sexually explicit messages to an 11-year-old female relative, a cousin, asking if he could sleep in her bed. He also reportedly asked if she wanted to learn what a man’s “thing” looked like.

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More Texas School Districts Seek to Erase Confederate History

More Texas school districts seek to erase their Confederate history by rebranding campuses with politically correct names. This reality, sparked by the 2015 tragic, fatal shootings of nine black church parishioners in South Carolina, has only been exacerbated by images that surfaced of the shooter with the Confederate flag.


Slap-boxing Hits Texas School: It is not ‘Horseplay,’ Say Parents

Slap-boxing, the fighting with open hands instead of fists, has hit a middle school in Austin. A 12-year-old boy at the Texas school did not want to participate in the violence but was told he would be beat-up if he did not. Parents are upset that a school official called it “horseplay.”

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