Bay Bridge

Bullet Train Might Not Start in SoCal, After All

California state officials may betray the promise they made to Southern Californians that the projected $68 billion bullet train’s first completed section would run from Burbank to the Central Valley.

Brown at High-Speed Rail Groundbreaking (AP)

‘Reclaim MLK Day’ Protests Block SF Bay Bridge

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was hijacked by Black Lives Matter in the Bay Area on Monday as members of the movement blocked traffic on the Bay Bridge in Emeryville, citing recent police shootings as they chained themselves to five cars and formed a line, backing commuters up for nearly 45 minutes.

Black Lives Matter (@brownblaze / Twitter)

Bay Bridge Corrosion Threatens Supporting Cables

The lead designer of the Bay Bridge is warning that the cables holding up the eastern span are vulnerable because of water leaking into the twin steel boxes anchoring them.

Bay Bridge San Francisco (Frank Schulenburg / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Bay Bridge Penalizes Contractors with $11M in Fines

On Thursday, the three-member oversight panel supervising the Bay Bridge construction project voted to punish the chief contractor, American Bridge/Fluor, by withholding $8 million in payments and fining the contractor another $3 million.

Bay Bridge (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

New Bay Bridge Cracks Discovered

The bad news for the San Francisco Bay Bridge tower just got worse: cracks have been discovered on some of the rods that are part of the tower foundation, according to Caltrans. Caltrans also admitted that one of the four tower anchor rods broke after water exposure made it brittle.

Bay Bridge (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Bay Bridge Problems: 25% of Rods Exposed to Corrosion

Caltrans director Malcolm Dougherty admitted on Thursday that the sleeves of 120 of the 400 “high-strength” rods anchoring the tower of the new Bay Bridge to its foundation are immersed in salt water that could corrode them.

Bay Bridge (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Bay Bridge Rod Has Fractured

On Wednesday, Caltrans confirmed that one of the 424 25-foot-long steel rods supporting the Bay Bridge eastern span’s tower has fractured. Brian Maroney, Caltrans’ lead bridge engineer on the eastern span project, showed reporters the 3-inch-thick tower rod, asserting that Caltrans didn’t know what had caused it to break and that any reasons given for the break would be “speculative,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bay Bridge San Francisco (Frank Schulenburg / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Rod Under San Francisco Bay Bridge Tower Fails

A steel rod supporting the 525-foot tower atop the eastern span of the Bay Bridge has failed an integrity test, prompting fears that corrosion caused its failure and thus other rods may fail for the same reason, leaving the tower at risk from an earthquake.

Bay Bridge San Francisco (Frank Schulenburg / Flickr / CC / Cropped)