Slovenia Called To Consider New Immigration Laws, Burqa Ban

Ban the burqa and enact urgent new immigration laws. That is the simple prescription for social order from Slovenia’s parliamentary opposition as the tiny European nation struggles to cope with the migrant invasion convulsing its borders and interior. A new bill proposed by the

Radical Salafi Islamists

Buddhist Monks in Myanmar Call for Hijab Ban

Buddhist monks in Myanmar have called for a government-enforced ban on headscarves in schools across the country. “When [Muslims] live in Myanmar, they need to obey the laws and regulations of the country. We are not targeting or attacking their religion,” U Pamaukkha, a monk calling for this ban, said.

Islamic School

Afghan Men Take Kabul Streets in Burqas to ‘Understand How Women Feel’

Members of the Afghanistan Volunteers Foundation organized a march through Kabul to protest for women’s rights, just days before International Women’s Day. The twenty men wore burqas, which is the traditional clothing for women in the country. https://twitter.com/trustlaw_women/status/573468380604334080 https://twitter.com/AntDeRosa/status/573854582184476672 The