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Truckers Under Attack as Migrants Return to Calais

British truck drivers have asked for more protection around Calais after the first serious attacks by migrants since the notorious ‘Jungle’ camp was torn down six months ago.

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 02: on March 2, 2015 in Bury, United Kingdom. As the United Kingdom prepares to vote in the May 7th general election many people are debating some of the many key issues that they face in their life, employment, the NHS, housing, benefits, education, immigration, …

Calais Voters Decimated by Globalisation Turn to Le Pen for Hope

The northern French city of Calais, formerly a hub for textiles like lace, has been decimated by globalisation. Now, many voters are turning to anti-mass migration French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen to restore jobs to the city.


Truck Drivers Still Under Threat from Calais Migrants

Three months after the notorious ‘Jungle’ Calais migrant camp was cleared, there has been a huge surge in the number of migrants gathering in the area in the hope of illegally entering the UK.


100 UK-Bound Migrants Brawl in France

Around a hundred UK-bound Eritrean and Sudanese migrants have engaged in a territorial brawl near a service station in northern France.


Revealed: UK Border Force Intercepts 200 Illegal Migrants A Day

Home Office figures show the UK Border Force intercepted 200 illegal migrants every day in the month prior to Britain’s referendum on leaving the European Union (EU), and MPs admit this number is just “the tip of the iceberg”.

TOPSHOT - Migrants carry a tent across a migrant tent camp in Paris on November 3, 2016, near to the Stalingrad metro station, one of several camps sprouting up around the French capital. Less than 300 kilometres from the recently-demolished "Jungle" migrant camp in Calais, around 2,000 migrants are living …

Growing Number of Migrants Returning to Calais

Despite the French government’s attempts to dismantle the notorious Calais Jungle migrant camp, many migrants are returning to the area by the day with the aim of getting to the UK.


Migrants Drifting Back To Calais In Bid To Reach UK

Hundreds of migrants and refugees are trickling back across France to reform camps around Calais, in a renewed bid to make it to the UK. Six informal camps, each housing hundreds of migrants with dozens more arriving each week, have

(AFP) - Britain faced criticism Wednesday over strict criteria for …

Take More Migrant Kids, Open Borders Lobbyists Demand

Britain faced criticism Wednesday over strict criteria for children hoping to reach the UK after being evicted from France’s “Jungle” migrant camp, with one prominent politician arguing London has broken its promise.

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After Calais, France Prepares to Clear Migrant Camp in Paris

(REUTERS) – French authorities prepared on Thursday to dismantle a makeshift migrant camp in central Paris, its numbers swelled by refugees from a larger settlement in Calais that was meanwhile shut down for good.