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Why Not an 8-Team Playoffs for College Football?

The American Athletic Conference champion should compete in the playoffs. Cincinnati entered Thursday’s game as the 6th best team in the American Athletic Conference. They missed their starting quarterback and beat a Miami team that entered as 6th in the ACC. In a fair match of conferences, Cincinnati won 34-23.

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College Football Fans Searching for Cinderella in Cleats

Devon Johnson (who we ranked the top player in our state-by-state rankings) smashed into the end zone to give Marshall their first victory ever against a Big Ten team and make Conference USA, the Mountain West, and the American Athletic conferences a combined 5-5 against Power Conferences (see scoreboard below).

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Fox Sports: Should College Football Go to 64-Team Playoff?

During “Fox Sports Live” analysts Clay Travis and Petros Papadakis discussed changing the College Football Playoff from four teams to 64 teams, which was brought up by Washington State University head coach Mike Leach. Papadakis, a former runningback at the


Oregon Rose Bowl Rout Puts Exclamation Point on Pac-12’s Supremacy

When Breitbart Sports calculated that the Pac-12 ranked as the top conference due to being +12 points better than the average team, SEC partisans vehemently disagreed. Few dispute that the Pac-12 stands as No. 1 again in the bowl season with an even more impressive +15.2 point rating.

Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl Photo by Jae Hong AP