Public Support for Border Wall Drops to 38 Percent

Just 38 percent of American voters say they support building a wall across the border with Mexico, according to a new survey from Pew Research. This is a considerable drop since September, when almost half of voters, 46 percent, said they supported building a wall.

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It’s Time for Rubio to Go

On SEC Super Tuesday, Donald Trump cleaned up. He won seven states and now leads the field with 319 delegates entering a comfortable stretch for him before winner-take-all states kick in.

House Speaker Marco Rubio, R-Coral Gables, points to his official portrait that will hang

Ohio: Hillary Clinton Loses to All Republicans

A new Quinnipiac poll of Ohio shows Hillary Clinton trailing every potential Republican rival in November. She loses badly to home state Governor John Kasich, but now trails even Donald Trump in the critical must-win general election state.


Bloomberg Poll: Trump +19 in South Carolina

A new Bloomberg poll of South Carolina shows Donald Trump maintaining a strong lead in the state heading into Saturday’s primary. Trump has the support of 36 percent of likely Republican voters, followed distantly by Ted Cruz in second with

Trump in SC Flag Palm Tree

Donald Trump Leads in Florida, Marco Rubio Slips to 4th

A new poll of Florida Republicans shows Donald Trump opening his biggest lead in the Sunshine State. The poll, from Florida Times-Union and Fox35, has Trump in first place, with 31 percent support, twelve points higher than Ted Cruz, who is in second place with 19 percent.

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Poll: Trump Beats Hillary in General Election Match-Up

A new FoxNews poll shows GOP frontrunner Donald Trump edging Hillary Clinton in a general election match-up. A December poll from Fox showed Hillary ahead of Trump by 11 points. This latest poll, however, has Trump beating Clinton by 3 points, 47-44 percent.

Hillary Wary (L) and Donald Trump AP Photos

2016: Dr. Ben Carson Says IRS Should Be Eliminated

Dr. Ben Carson, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, earned cheers at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention on Sunday when he said that the IRS should be eliminated. Carson made the suggestion while criticizing President Obama’s tax hike, set to be unveiled in this week’s State of the Union address.

Dr. Ben Carson speaks in this file photo