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GEERT WILDERS: Lessons from the East for the West

Self-loathing politicians and academics in the West should could learn much from the patriotic governments of Central Europe and the proud, self-confident societies they have fostered, writes Geert Wilders.


19 Injured In Explosion at Czech Ammunition Recycling Plant

PRAGUE (AP) — Explosions in a Czech machinery plant injured a total of 19 people with three of them in critical condition, officials said on Thursday. Police spokeswoman Hana Kaizarova said the first explosion occurred around 11 a.m. (1000 GMT)


Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus — ‘Europe Is Full’

Europe is in the midst of the “most serious crisis since World War II” thanks to weak European Union (EU) elites letting in over a million migrants, former Czech President Vaclav Klaus has said. In a robust speech at the


Fed Up With Long Name, Czech Republic Says Call Us ‘Czechia’

The Czech Republic on Thursday said it was tired of its long and unwieldy name and would like to be called “Czechia” from now on. “We recommend using the single-word name in foreign languages in situations when it’s not necessary