Power, Obedience, and the End of American Debate

Freedom of speech is very inconvenient to the ruling class, which likes to set the acceptable boundaries of discourse. For that reason, the populace is likely to lose free speech as soon as they stop insisting on it, without qualification or reservation — and once free speech is gone, all else is put at risk.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, face off with proteste

Murrieta Protests: One Year Later, Demonstrations Return

On Wednesday, demonstrators on more than one side of the illegal immigration debate will gather again near the Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California, the site of massive protests last July 1 that began with the blocking and turning back of buses filled with illegal aliens. That event sparked swelling protests that captured the attention of the entire country.

Murrieta 2014 (Michelle Moons / Breitbart News)

‘God is Going to Heal McKinney’ Says Local Pastor

Approximately 150 people peacefully rallied in McKinney for “accountability” in the aftermath of the Craig Ranch subdivision pool party fiasco. It was an ethnically diverse cross-section of a relatively middle-to-upper middle class suburbia.


Vallejo, CA Residents Rally for Police

In Vallejo, CA, roughly 30 miles north of San Francisco, roughly 60 demonstrators rallied Saturday in support of their police officers, according to the Vallejo Times-Herald. The police supporters met in front of the Vallejo Police Department, holding signs emblazoned with messages such as “police lives matter.”

Vallejo Police Department delegation to funerals of NYPD officers Rafael “Ralph” Ramos