Don Willett

Texas’ Justice Willett Wins Twitter

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett tweeted on Memorial Day weekend, “American’s teens & 20-somethings once had a different understanding of ‘safe spaces.'”

Normandy landings: An American soldier hidden in a trench watches the beach, Above him, the German placard reads that the area is mined, June 1944, France, Second World War war, National archives, Washington, . (Photo by: Photo12/UIG via Getty Images)

One of Donald Trump’s Potential Supreme Court Nominees Mocked Him on Twitter

One of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s 11 potential Supreme Court nominations, Justice Don Willett from the Texas Supreme Court, mocked the real estate mogul repeatedly on Twitter. “Willett poked fun at Trump’s campaign slogan, at Trump University, at the billionaire’s

Justice Willitt Trump Tweet

Happy New Year from Breitbart Texas

As we close out 2014, our first year of publishing at Breitbart Texas, we have a lot of reasons to be thankful. We thought it would be fun to collect a few New Year’s Resolutions from across the state and share them with our readers.

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