Ukraine Loses 7 Soldiers, 30 Injured in Fresh Fighting

Fighting continues to escalate in east Ukraine as Russian soldiers and pro-Russian rebels violate the alleged peace agreement established in February as at least seven Ukrainian soldiers died and almost 30 were wounded in the fresh fights.


Boris Nemtsov Posthumous Report Claims Over 200 Russian Soldiers in Ukraine

Slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s recently-released report, titled Putin. War, catalogues his country’s involvement in Ukraine. The report claims there are more than 200 Russian military personnel operating in Ukraine. Nevertheless, PayPal shut down an account that allowed people to donate funds to pay for the report’s mass printing.


Ukrainian Photojournalist Killed Near Donetsk

Ukrainian photojournalist Serhiy Nikolayev, 43, was killed on Saturday while working during a shelling attack in Pesky, Ukraine, in the heart of the nation.


Russia, Rebels Attack Ukraine Over 250 Times Since Sunday

Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia can deny it, but the alleged ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia collapsed before it even began. The Russian soldiers and pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine broke it 250 times since it was supposed to go into effect on February 15.


Watch: CNN Crew Finds Bodies Left in Destroyed Ukraine Airport

CNN Senior International Correspondent Nick Walsh discovered bodies left in Sergey Prokofiev International Airport in Donetsk, Ukraine in footage broadcast on Monday’s “OutFront.” Walsh said that “mortars often fall” in the airport, which is currently held Russian-backed separatists, but is


Ukraine Separatists Use Russian Drones to Attack Ukrainian Army

Intense fighting continues in east Ukraine as Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the US commander of US forces in Europe, claims Russia provided drones to the pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine. These drones are obstructing Ukraine’s communications with troops on the ground.


Pro-Russian Shell Kills 11 Civilians in Ukraine

The situation in east Ukraine continues to deteriorate. This week, a shell exploded near a civilian bus near Volnovakha, 37 miles from Donetsk, which left eleven people dead and thirteen injured. A video posted to YouTube [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT] shows dead bodies in the bus. Screenshots show pools of blood on the ground.