Dublin Regulation

UK Judges: Calais Migrants Can Come To Britain Under EU Law

British Judges have a set a new precedent in a case involving Syrian migrants that critics say threatens to circumvent existing asylum policies. Four Syrian migrants currently living in the so-called Calais “jungle” camp have presented a case to the Immigration and


EU To Abandon Dublin Regulation, Force Britain To Take More Migrants

The European Union (EU) looks set to ditch the Dublin Regulation, the rule requiring the first member state a migrant enters to be responsible for any asylum claim. The revolutionary reform of EU migration policy will shift the burden of the ongoing

Dublin Regulation

Key Eurocrat Admits: Migrant Crisis Could ‘Disintegrate’ The EU

The migrant crisis now convulsing Europe could spell the end of the European Union (EU), a key Eurocrat has warned. Federica Mogherini, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of the European Commission, believes the inability of member nations to absorb

migrant crisis

Slovakia Threatens EU Exit Over Migrant Policy Shambles

This is geopolitical chaos theory in practice. Every day the European Union (EU) changes direction on how it will cope with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and heading for a new life in Europe. Border fences go

AP Photo Christian Bruna Slovakia Migrants