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Migrant Slums Spring Up Around London

Filthy migrant shanty towns have sprung up around the outside of London. Their residents, living rent free so they can drastically undercut other workers in the UK, fear Britain voting to leave the European Union (EU). Running along one of


Drink Driving Hotspots Linked to High Migrant Populations

Britain’s drink driving hotspots are located in areas with high migrant populations, it has been revealed. Three of the top ten worst areas have large Eastern European populations, who are generally not as aware of the dangers of drink driving

Tributes Are Left At Scene Of Fatal Accident In Bath

Eastern Europeans in UK Reject Stereotypes Amid EU Standoff

As Prime Minister David Cameron hunts for a deal on restricting benefits for EU migrants, eastern Europeans in Britain say they are weary of stereotypes casting them as workshy. With net migration to Britain at record levels, Cameron wants to

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