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EU propaganda

Brexit MPs Accused Government Of Breaking Law Over Pro-EU Propaganda On Official Websites

A group of Brexit supporters have contacted Britain’s chief civil servant demanding that pro-EU propaganda be deleted from Government websites in accordance with referendum ‘purdah’ rules. Tomorrow the British Government enters a period of official ‘purdah’ lasting for four weeks until the European Union (EU) referendum

EU Propaganda

Are You Ready For An EU Propaganda Overload?

Now the official date of Britain’s long-awaited European Union (EU) referendum has been confirmed, and the campaigning has begun, we all knew the EU-propaganda machine would crank itself up a notch or two. In a style which has started to

EU propaganda

Exposed: Secret EU Plan To Splash Millions On PR Campaign Selling Itself

European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to splash nearly €26 million next year on a vanity project to sell the benefits of EU membership. The push would be the biggest-ever EU corporate communications effort and is built around the theme of “A New Boost for Jobs, Growth


Brussels Spent Big on EU Propaganda in 2014

Brussels splashed more than half a billion pounds on directly promoting the EU last year, through publicity and communications spending, new research has found. In addition, a further £3.1 billion was awarded to budgets that include a provision for promotional spending,

Brussels propganda