US Auto Industry Factory Production Falls Most Since August

Despite the decline in manufacturing output, overall industry production rose 0.5 percent, likely as the result of an 8.6 percent increase in utilities generation caused be unusually warm weather in the month of February.

Output at U.S. auto manufacturers fell unexpectedly in March by …

U.S. Factory Construction Hits Highest Level Since 1958

Investment in new U.S. factory plant and equipment just hit the highest level since 1958. After 100 years of economic dominance due to cheap and abundant oil, U.S. politicians turned against domestic oil production in the 1970s and the Middle East oil production took off. For the next 40 years, the budget deficit and income inequality soared as high-paying manufacturing jobs went offshore. But with fracking re-establishing America as the planet’s largest energy producer, U.S. manufacturing is back.

Factory workers 1956 (Three Lions / Hulton Archive / Getty)