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Pro-democracy lawmakers display placards "Press freedom persecution" to protest while Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam delivering her policy speech at the Legislative Council in Hong Kong Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018. Hong Kong government has refused to renew the work visa of Victor Mallet, a senior editor of the Financial …

Hong Kong Lawmakers Walk Out to Protest Crackdown on Press Freedom

Over a dozen Hong Kong lawmakers staged a protest in the legislature on Wednesday, chanting “Protect press freedom!” and holding up placards reading “Free Press, No Persecution,” until security guards escorted them from the chamber.


Financial Times: Mass Migration Will Be Key Political Issue For Decades

Anti-mass migration policies “clearly resonate with large numbers of voters” and will remain highly politically relevant as “migratory pressures build over the next decades”, reports the Financial Times in an important concession for the globalist, establishment newspaper. 


FT: Consumers Need to Assert their Digital Sovereignty

From the Financial Times:  Facebook is hardly the first company to harvest customer data and resell it. Neither does this practice always have a nefarious odour. Many of us still have a little card hanging from our key chains. It

Steve Bannon's whiteboard of promises made by Donald Trump

Financial Times Editor on What Left Can Learn from Bannon: Get Out of Cocoon & Read Breitbart News

Financial Times U.S. managing editor Gillian Tett argues that those on the left who want to understand economic nationalists need to take a page out of Steve Bannon’s playbook and regularly read Breitbart News just like the former White House Chief Strategist watches and dissects the “opposition media” like CNN and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to learn about and scout the institutional left and their enablers in the legacy media.


FT: Guardian Media Group Hit With Record £173m Loss

From Guardian Media Group will this week reveal a higher than expected full-year operating loss of £69m as the owner of The Guardian newspaper battles to bring its finances under control. GMG’s total pre-tax loss will hit £173m as


FT: The City of London Can Survive and Thrive After Brexit

From the Financial Times: Those campaigning for Britain to leave the EU are not bigoted little Englanders. The accusations made by the Remain camp about commerce and inward-looking Brexit campaigners are questionable. Too often, their arguments are based on financial


FT: The Revenge Of Globalisation’s Losers

From the Financial Times: Globalisation is failing in advanced western countries, where a process once hailed for delivering universal benefit now faces a political backlash. Why? The establishment view, in Europe at least, is that states have neglected to forge


World’s Biggest Finance Newspaper Splashes On Michelle Fields

The Financial Times (FT), one of the world’s most influential economics and finance newspapers has splashed its front cover this morning with a still from the video from the Florida rally at which former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields alleges that


Financial Times: Mass Immigration Is Unstoppable

The Financial Times has today published an article insisting that mass immigration from Africa and Asia into Europe is here to stay, so we’d better all get used to it. The article goes so far as to suggest that the

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China Amps Up PR Campaign Extolling ‘Two-Child Policy’

The Communist Party-run Xinhua News Agency is bombarding readers with reasons why China’s two-child population policy is beneficial for the country and the world, while completely ignoring the core complaints of human rights activists who say that the policy changes little or nothing.

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Japanese Media Group Nikkei Buys Financial Times For £844m

The  London-based Financial Times has been sold to Nikkei, Japan’s largest media company, in a deal said to be worth £844m. The sale of the British publishing icon was announced on Thursday hours after owners Pearson confirmed that it was in “advanced talks” to