Florida Highway Patrol

Exclusive Photos: Physical Barriers No Match for Surrendering Migrants at Texas Border Town

Authorities on both sides of the border could not prevent the entry of a steady stream of asylum-seeking migrants hoping to surrender to the Border Patrol. Despite the placement of Conex containers, concertina razor wire, and a more significant border wall constructed by the State of Texas, the migrants stubbornly moved around or crossed over the impediments. As Breitbart Texas looked on, more than one hundred migrants breached the barriers earlier this week.

A group of migrants walk around the end of the Texas-built border wall to surrender to law enforcement. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

Migrant Apprehensions on Florida Coasts Increase

Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement partners continue to make apprehensions of migrants reaching the Florida coastline. Agents took 31 migrants from four countries into custody in two incidents on Tuesday.

Miami Sector agents apprehend 19 Cuban migrants who made their way to the Florida coast in what appears to be a homemade boat. (U.S. Border Patrol/Miami Sector)