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France Arrests Man In IS-Linked Plot To Attack Naval Base

Authorities in France have arrested a man with links to an Islamic State (IS) jihadist in Syria over a plot to attack military personnel at a major naval base, police and judicial sources said Tuesday. The 25-year-old, whom sources said

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Source: France Train Gunman Had Been Under Surveillance

A gunman who was overpowered by passengers during a shooting incident on a train had been under French police surveillance after foreign security services identified him as dangerous, a source with knowledge of the case and local media said. The

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France Terror Attack: Summary So Far

The Air Products factory near Grenoble was attacked by two Islamists who rammed it with a car before detonating explosives. A decapitated body was found at the scene along with an Islamist flag. The body had a message written on

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France’s Elite Anti-Israel Hatred Fueled Muslim Antisemitism

On Sunday, at the Grand Synagogue in Paris, some of the loudest applause at a memorial for four Jews killed by Islamic terrorists in a kosher supermarket came when one of the speakers reminded President François Hollande that there is no difference between “Death to the Jews!” and “Death to Israel!” For years, the French elite has pretended it can tolerate the latter without encouraging the former. That attitude is what allowed French antisemitism to flourish like an evil weed.

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