Paris Area So Dangerous Police Escort Local Children to School

Child with protective face mask during COVID-19 pandemic
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In an area in Paris’ 18th arrondissement (district) police are forced to escort small children to school due to the dangers posed by local crack addicts and dealers encamped near a local kindergarten.

In the area near Porte d’Aubervilliers, police officers escort children and their parents to the local school due to fears that the children may be attacked by the significant number of crack addicts living nearby.

“We are torn between anger for our children, worry and disgust,” a local parent said, claiming that the trip to and from the school had become anxiety-provoking due to the risk of potential violence, Europe 1 reports.

“There is a [drug dealing] point that is there,” the parent explained. “[T]here is a mattress, and there are people who prostitute themselves there, even in the middle of the day in front of the children.”

According to the parent, many of the children are traumatised by the situation and explained, “My daughter has recurring nightmares and the solutions we are offered are not solutions.”

The mayor of the 18th arrondissement has stated that police will continue to escort children and their parents through the area until a better solution can be found, while the police have stated they intend to eradicate crack cocaine problems in Paris within the next year.

Crack cocaine use has become a major problem in Paris in recent years, with the city of Paris announcing in 2020 that it would be opening “shooting rooms” for the 5,000 or so estimated users of the narcotic.

The 18th Arronidessement also has a history of insecurity, with locals stating in 2019 that they felt abandoned by local authorities due to high levels of violence and drug dealing in various areas of the district.

Local business owners also expressed concern, with one restaurateur being forced to close his business due to the ongoing criminality in the area.

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