Azerbaijan Pursues ‘Elimination of the Entire Christian Population and Its Churches’ in Nagorno-Karabakh

The congressional Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, chaired by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), held a hearing on Wednesday to discuss the plight of Armenian Christians trapped by an Azerbaijani blockade in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. The commission heard testimony from experts who said Azerbaijan’s actions clearly constituted genocide, with complicity from Turkey and the Islamist forces it has dispatched into the region.

Arthur Sahakyan, 63, prays inside the damaged Ghazanchetsots (Holy Saviour) Cathedral in the historic city of Shusha, some 15 kilometers from the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh province's capital Stepanakert, that was hit by a bomb during the fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the breakaway region, on October 13, 2020. - Nagorno-Karabakh …

Xi Jinping Defends Uyghur Genocide in Surprise East Turkistan Visit

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping defended the alleged successes of his ongoing genocide of Uyghur and other Turkic people during a visit to occupied East Turkistan this weekend, urging Communist Party leaders there to continue efforts to eliminate the Uyghur language, transport slaves nationwide, and make the region more “culturally advanced.”

Xi Jinping

China Cracks Down on Formerly Tolerated Hui Muslims

Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Thursday reported on the sad state of affairs for the Hui Muslims, the “other Muslims” of China whose more comfortable existence was often presented by the Chinese tyranny as a defense against allegations of human rights abuses perpetrated on the Uyghur Muslims. 

Chinese Hui Muslim men wait on a carpet before Eid al-Fitr prayers marking the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan at the historic Niujie Mosque on June 16, 2018 in Beijing, China. Islam in China dates back to the 10th century as the legacy of Arab traders who …

Exclusive: Rep. Chris Smith Presents Bill to Strip China of Trade Privileges

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) introduced a bill on Tuesday that would tie China’s trade privileges in the United States to improving its deplorable human rights record, requiring the communist government to shut down concentration camps, stop harvesting the organs of political prisoners, and cease “economic espionage” it wishes to enjoy normal trade relations with America.

UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 19: Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., prepares for a news conference at the House Triangle on the Belarus Democracy Act of 2011 which would sanction Belarusian leaders who participate in human rights abuses. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Islamic ‘Scholars’ Coalition Endorses Muslim Genocide in China

A delegation of dozens of alleged Islamic “scholars” representing 14 Muslim countries as part of the World Muslim Communities Council arrived in occupied East Turkistan on Sunday, and remain there at press time, for a Chinese regime-organized tour to endorse the Communist Party’s genocide of Muslims there.

Student activists wear masks with the colors of the pro-independence East Turkistan flag during a rally to protest the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, outside the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, Friday, Jan. 14, 2022. Dozens of students staged the rally demanding the cancellation of the Beijing Olympics over alleged …

Chinese Communists Kill 13 Uyghurs with Coronavirus ‘Disinfectant’

The U.S.-based news organization Radio Free Asia (RFA) confirmed with Chinese officials this weekend that at least 13 people, believed to all be of Uyghur background, died in East Turkistan as a result of poisoning from “disinfecting” agents the Communist Party has flooded the region in as a form of pandemic response.

Ethnic Uyghur members of the Communist Party of China carry a flag as they take part in an organized tour on June 30, 2017 in the old town of Kashgar, in the far western Xinjiang province, China. Kashgar has long been considered the cultural heart of Xinjiang for the province's …