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George Wallace

California Vows to Stand in the Schoolhouse Door

California’s Marxist-progressive leadership has vowed to defy federal law and protect the millions of illegal aliens and welfare recipients to whom they owe their political power.

George Wallace schoolhouse door (Associated Press)

New California AG Becerra Dares Donald Trump: ‘Come at Us’

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), who was nominated Thursday to be California’s new attorney general, issued a forceful challenge to President-elect Donald Trump over his pledge to enforce federal immigration law: “Come at us.”

Xavier Becerra (Alex Wong / Getty)

‘The Populist Explosion’: New Book Explains Rise of Trump, Sanders, and the Populist Future

Whither populism? Is the insurgency associated with Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders a flash in the pan, or is it something real The answer to that question, of course, depends on who does the answering. Most of the Republican establishment, along with the Democratic establishment—which some describe as the “Uniparty”—would prefer to believe that the populism of Trump and Sanders is temporary, that is, a nightmare from which they will soon awaken. Meanwhile, the Trumpians and the Sandersistas see themselves as part of a long-term force, even the winning force, within their respective parties. Yet now comes an author with an arresting argument: He believes that the Trump and Sanders groups, currently in different political parties, might yet find themselves fighting on the same side—perhaps even in the same party.


Hunt: Trump ‘Comfortable Playing the Race Card,’ ‘Like George Wallace’

Monday, on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” Bloomberg View Columnist Al Hunt said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sounded like segregationist and former governor of Alabama George Wallace in declaring himself “the law and order candidate.” Hunt said, “Yeah,

al hunt

Ghost of 1968 Democrat Convention Riots Returns to Chicago

Donald Trump was forced to cancel a Friday campaign rally scheduled in Chicago, ahead of Illinois’ primary on Tuesday, as thousands of protesters marched outside the planned venue for the rally, raising the threat of possible violence.

Chicago 1968 Riots CC

Kevin Spacey Compares Donald Trump’s Campaign to George Wallace’s

Actor Kevin Spacey, who plays President Frank Underwood on House of Cards, offered his opinion of the 2016 presidential race while he attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, saying Donald Trump’s campaign reminds him of George Wallace’s independent campaign in 1968.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

George Will Compares Kim Davis to Segregationist George Wallace

On “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” Washington Post columnist George Will said Rowan Co., KY clerk Kim Davis, who is being jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, is much like segregationist governors Orval Faubus and George Wallace, who attempted


Media Label Trump Racist, George Wallace Type

On Sunday, NBC News Meet The Press host Chuck Todd attacked Republican 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump as a neo-segregationist. After listening to Maria Hinojosa, anchor and producer of Latino USA on National Public Radio, bash Trump’s rhetoric on illegal

The Associated Press