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Two Dozen Palestinians Wounded in Fresh Clashes Over Temple Mount

More than two dozen Palestinians were wounded in fresh clashes that broke out on Sunday night in Jerusalem and the West Bank as Palestinians continued to protest against new security measures at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

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Erdogan Incites Against Israel Over Temple Mount

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan slammed Israel over its implementation of extra security measures in Jerusalem. He called on the Jewish state on Sunday to observe “basic human rights values” following the clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian rioters over Israel’s decision to place metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount complex.


White House ‘Very Concerned’ About Temple Mount Tensions

The White House is “very concerned” over tensions surrounding Jerusalem’s Temple Mount complex, it said in a statement late Wednesday, urging Israel and Jordan to restore calm to the area after days of violent clashes.

al-aqsa riot

UN Official Scorns Netanyahu’s Offer Of Free Jewish History Lessons

TEL AVIV – In the latest altercation between the United Nations and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the latter’s offer to provide UN diplomats with history lessons on Jewish ties to the Temple Mount was swiftly declined by a UN official.

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Israel and Jordan In Dispute Over Temple Mount Cameras

TEL AVIV – More than three months after Jordan and Israel agreed to install cameras on the Temple Mount, the two sides are still stuck at an impasse amid disputes, Haaretz reported. The security measure was aimed at de-escalating tensions on

TEL AVIV - An Israeli court on Monday ruled that Jewish visitors to Jerusalem's Temple Mount compound may chant "Am Yisrael Chai" ("The people of Israel live"), since it constitutes a patriotic exclamation rather than a religious prayer and is therefore not in violation of the ban on uttering Jewish prayers …