Left Protests Likely End of DACA Amnesty

The Democrats’ diverse alliance of fringe and elite groups is furiously protesting Donald Trump’s decision to end President Barack Obama’s 2012 amnesty for roughly 800,0000 younger illegal immigrants.


Rep. Lamar Smith: Amnesty Costs Workers and Taxpayers

“Immigration reform” is once again in the public spotlight. Hillary Clinton is a presidential candidate who has vowed to implement comprehensive immigration reform in her first 100 days, while Donald Trump has declared there would be no amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Regardless of the result in November, pro-amnesty advocates will continue to push for dramatic change. But what exactly is amnesty, and how does it affect American citizens?


Chronicle: Donald Trump Is Changing Politics in Silicon Valley

Disdain and outright fear of a Donald J. Trump presidency has changed Silicon Valley politics and is pushing more donations towards the Hillary Clinton camp, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. However, a number of leading tech executives have quietly conveyed their admiration for Trump and his campaign, especially his use of social media.

Trump and smartphones (Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press)