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There’s a Reason Why Twitter Won’t Let You Turn Off its Content Filter

Has Twitter turned on its userbase? Desperate to develop a viable revenue model as investors start to lose confidence, the microblogging giant has begun to exert greater control over its users’ timelines. Originally presented as a means to tackle “trolling” and “abuse”, new

Twitter HQ (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)

Ohio Attorney: Brianna Wu ‘Wasted Time and Resources’ over #GamerGate

The office of Ron O’Brien, prosecuting attorney for Columbus, Ohio, was deluged with emails and phonecalls that “wasted time and resources” following an online campaign whipped up by Brianna Wu, a controversial video game developer. Wu published a widely-shared article on The Mary


Why is Twitter Censoring Our Timelines Without Consent?

Twitter has come under fire from its users after installing mandatory content filters that cannot be switched off. The new system censors the newsfeeds of users without their consent, causing messages from followers and strangers alike to be automatically hidden

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