Islamic indoctrination

Media Hides Key Detail in the Virginia School District’s Islamic Lesson Controversy to Fit Liberal Narrative

A Breitbart News investigation reveals that mainstream media outlets incorrectly reported a key detail in the story of the 9th grade World Geography teacher in Virginia who sparked a national controversy over a “calligraphy lesson” that required students to hand copy the Arabic characters that comprise the shahada, the Islamic statement of faith.


Parents Dispute Tennessee School Board Member Claim ‘Absolutely Nothing Wrong’ With Islam-Centric Textbook

At a town hall gathering of the White County Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination in Sparta, Tennessee, they heard a presentation by Usama Dakdok (an Egyptian Christian who immigrated to the United States) that documented in excruciating detail the historical inaccuracies found in the seventh grade Social Studies textbook myWorld History and Geography: The Middle Ages to Exploration of the Americas, approved last August for use by the White County School Board.

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