Islamic veil

Austrian Government Agrees Ban on Islamic Veil in Public

Austria’s governing coalition has agreed to prohibit full-face veils in courts, schools and other “public places” as part of a package of reforms drawn up after more than a week of negotiations.


UK Police Plan To Let Muslim Cops Wear Burkas On Duty

One of the UK’s largest police forces has said they “don’t have any barriers” to Muslim women wearing a burka on the job, and are “consider[ing]” introducing the full-face garment into their uniform.


Oxford Study Defends Islamic Veil, Claims It Aids Integration

A leading team of Oxford University sociologists has published a paper arguing that Muslim women veil “because they are engaging with a modern, secular world”, arguing that bans “deprive them of a means… for integration”.

Islamic Veil

European Court Rules Workplace Hijab Ban Illegal

The European Court of Justice has made a ruling declaring it illegal for a business to fire a woman because she wore a hijab to work, saying customers and employers should get used to it. The case was brought to


Iran Arrests 132 For Partying, Drinking Alcohol

Iranian police have arrested 132 men and women, some of them alleged bisexuals, a judiciary website said Friday, in the latest crackdown on partygoers accused of breaking Islamic rules.