No Joke: Univision Cutting 15% of The Onion’s Staff

Univision intends to cut 15 percent of its staff at Onion Inc., which includes satirical websites The Onion and Clickhole, as well pop-culture website The A.V. Club and food website The Takeout.

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In Defense of a Gawker Media Writer (No, Really!)

I follow Erin Ryan on Twitter and I’m pretty familiar with her sense of humor. I also did a great interview with her before CPAC this year. She saw fit to give a Breitbart contributor and former CPAC Director nearly 2,000 words to talk about the conservative movement on Jezebel. How bad can she be?


Jezebel’s Feminist Fantasies Glorify Muslim Pirate Wonder Woman

Jezebel contributor Laura Sook Duncombe has discovered a “Cinderella story of unusual satisfaction” in a sixteenth-century female Muslim piracy organizer. Writing for the feminist blog Jezebel, Duncombe’s Orientalist fantasy “of an independent and beautiful woman” in Morocco who terrorized non-Muslims shows how deluded and self-hating Western political correctness has become.