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Texas House Speaker Straus Will Not Seek Re-Election

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) made a surprise announcement on Wednesday morning that he will not seek another term in the state’s House of Representatives. He will be retiring from both his position as speaker and as the representative for District 121.

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Texas House Speaker: No Sanctuary Cities in Texas

The Speaker of the Texas House is joining with Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick in calling for an end to Sanctuary Cities in the Lone Star State.

“Speaker Straus will work with fellow House Members, Governor Abbott and law enforcement to ensure that there are no sanctuary cities in Texas,” said Jason Embry, communications director for Speaker Straus, in an email to Breitbart Texas.


My Son Was Killed by an Illegal Alien Because Oligarchs… Donors Want Cheap Labor

Before Kate Steinle, there was Spencer Golvach, and after both of them, there have been too many more. One year ago this week, Spencer Golvach was randomly shot in the head while he was sitting in his truck waiting for the traffic light to change. He was randomly executed by an illegal alien who had previously been deported multiple times for committing crimes but was back in Texas engaging in a killing spree.


Point of Order Sends Texas Open Carry and Fracking Bills Back to Committee

Texas House Representative Trey Martinez Fischer (D-San Antonio) raised a point of order that resulted in a temporary setback for the House Open Carry bill, HB-910. The point of order was sustained by the Speaker, Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) and the bill will be sent back to the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. The bill prohibiting local authorities from blocking fracking operations in their jurisdictions was sent back to committee on a similar point of order.

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Franchise Tax Reform Stalled in Texas House

The Texas Senate has passed a package of bills that would enact substantive changes to the state’s franchise tax. Not a single bill related to franchise tax reform has received a public committee hearing in the Texas House.


Texas House Passes Anti-Human Trafficking Bill

On Monday, the Texas House passed on second reading HB 10, an omnibus anti-human trafficking bill, with a unanimous, bipartisan vote. The bill still needs a third reading but is expected to easily pass Tuesday morning and will be the first bill passed by the House this Session.


Texas Leaders Respond to Abbott’s Address

Texas’ political leaders responded quickly to Governor Greg Abbott’s first State of the State Address. Abbott delivered his historic speech before a packed Texas House gallery and a joint session of the Legislature. The Governor called on the legislature to double funding for securing the border between Texas and Mexico.


Op-Ed: It Doesn’t End With Bill

When the dust settled in the University of Illinois clout abuse scandal, not only were the institution’s president and regents fired, but a statewide officeholder, the house speaker, a state senator, a congressman, and two state representatives found themselves in hot water and their political careers in ruins. Texas legislators should pay attention.

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Static Between Straus and Patrick on Border Security Plan

Texas’ top statewide officials are not seeing eye to eye on the critical issue of border security. Public statements by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) and Speaker of the House Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) seemed to indicate static between the leaders of the two chambers of the Legislature, and Breitbart Texas was unable to confirm if Patrick, Straus, or Governor Greg Abbott had communicated with each other before a press conference held by Patrick on Tuesday at the Capitol.

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Texas Speaker Straus Announces Committee Assignments

On Wednesday afternoon, Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) announced his appointments for House Committees, laying out who will hold crucial positions of power over the bills considered during the state’s 84th Legislative Session.

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Texas Lobbyist Withdraws Registration So Her State Rep Dad Can Keep Committee Chair

The daughter of a Texas State Representative has withdrawn her registration as a lobbyist, after an outcry over the potential for conflicts of interest between her work lobbying for education clients and her father’s role as chair of the House Public Education Committee. The announcement was made on a Friday afternoon, just two days after a Breitbart Texas article describing the conflict.

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Straus Re-Elected Over Objection of Texas Grassroots

AUSTIN, Texas – Despite overwhelming objections from grassroots leaders across Texas, House Speaker Joe Straus was re-elected by a vote of 127-19. Straus’ challenger, State Representative Scott Turner, fulfilled his campaign promise to have a record vote on the Speaker’s race with a challenger on the ballot. Four Representatives were absent. No Representatives voted “Present.”

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Texas Democrats Join Cheerleading Team for Straus

AUSTIN, Texas — Four short days before the newly sworn Texas State Representatives will cast their votes for Speaker of the House, 45 Democrats have joined 73 of their Republican colleagues in openly cheering for the re-election of current Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio).

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Patrick and Paxton Voice Support for Wallace Hall in UT Scandal

AUSTIN, Texas — Lieutenant Governor-elect Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton spoke out about the ongoing admissions scandal at the University of Texas at Austin Thursday evening, voicing their support for Wallace J. Hall, Jr., the embattled Board of Regents member. Patrick went one step further, specifically criticizing legislators who had sought an unfair advantage for their children in getting admitted to UT.

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