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Kansas City Royals

Royals Pitcher Ventura Dies in Car Accident

Los Angeles (AFP) – Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura died Sunday after a car accident in his native Dominican Republic, the Major League Baseball team confirmed in a statement.

Yordano Ventura

Royals Reveling in First World Series Title Since 1985

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The jersey that Eric Hosmer wore in the decisive game of the World Series is headed to the Hall of Fame. So is the glove Salvador Perez used, the spikes Lorenzo Cain laced up and the bat that third baseman Mike Moustakas took to the plate.

Getty Images

Study: Mets Fans Have Worst Grammar, Royals Fans Talk the Most

A new study examining comments posted to sports news stories by fans of the nation’s Major League Baseball clubs finds that New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies fans fail basic grammar while Royals fans give their opinions most often.

Fenway Fans

MLB Cancels Over 60 Million All-Star Votes

Major League Baseball may have just found out how easy it is to game an electronic, online election after its All-Star Game voting erupted with tens of millions of ballots for players for the Kansas City Royals. Now the league is canceling up to 65 million of those votes.

The Associated Press

All-Star Game Balloting Puts 7 Royals in 9 Starting Spots

Fans of the Kansas City Royals have voted so assiduously for the team’s players for the All-Star game that Royals players currently lead the balloting at every position except second base and one spot in the outfield.

The Associated Press