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Jeff Sessions: Time to Get Real About Our ‘Relentlessly Mercantilist’ Trade Partners

“A contract should not exist when it’s not of benefit to both parties,” Sessions declared. “And I just believe it’s time for us to be far more realistic about trading. We have to understand that many of our trading partners are relentlessly mercantilist. They seek to expand their exports to us, expanding their unemployment to us, and block our exports to them.”

CQ Roll Call via AP

Castro Knows How to Play on Obama’s Narcissicm

The Castro brothers haven’t survived in power without being canny politicians as well as ruthless tyrants. And they have President Barack Obama pegged: they know that his ego trumps all other priorities, and are willing to flatter him to win concessions. Raúl Castro used his country’s debut at the Summit of the Americas to deliver an hour-long rant against the U.S. role in the region–then excused Obama: “I apologize to him because President Obama had no responsibility for this.”

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