Lunar New Year

Chinese Holiday Travel Surges to over 42 Million Despite Coronavirus Wave

China’s Ministry of Transportation reported on Saturday that over 42 million people have traveled by car, train, ship, and plane during the early days of the long Lunar New Year travel season, and over two billion trips will have been taken by the time the holiday is done, even though a massive wave of coronavirus infections is raging across China.

Travellers line up to board an aircraft in the international departure hall at Xiaoshan In

Chinese Tourists Flock to the Borders, Potentially Spreading Coronavirus Outbreak Worldwide

Travel bookings surged in China on Tuesday after the National Immigration Administration announced passport applications will once again be processed as of January 8, 2023. The policy change ends years-old travel restrictions just as the biggest coronavirus wave of the entire pandemic sweeps across China. Several other countries, such as Japan and India, announced their own restrictions on Chinese travelers in response.

A stewardess arranges suitcases on a high-speed train from Beijing to Nanchang on December

Chinese Province Reports a Million Coronavirus Cases In a Day, Regime Still Claims Zero Deaths

The Chinese province of Zhejiang, an industrial hub located southwest of Shanghai, reported a million new coronavirus infections on Christmas Day – and expected that caseload to double by New Year’s Eve. Anecdotal reports of overwhelmed hospitals continue slipping past Chinese censors to reach foreign reporters and social media, even though the regime in Beijing continues to insist it has suffered absolutely no Covid-19 fatalities over the past five days.

HANGZHOU, CHINA - DECEMBER 19, 2022 - People line up to buy COVID-19 antigen reagents at a

China Airs Blackface Show — Again! — for Lunar New Year

Chinese broadcaster CCTV opened its annual four-hour-long Lunar New Year variety show Friday with a “multicultural” dance performance featuring ethnically Han Chinese performers in black skin paint pretending to be African. The use of blackface prompted global ire, as it was not the first instance of it appearing in the program.

WUHAN, CHINA - JANUARY 01: (CHINA OUT) Children show their calligraphy during New Year cel

Death Toll from China Mystery Virus Doubles Overnight

Chinese officials confirmed the death toll of a mystery coronavirus spreading from central China doubled to six people from Monday into Tuesday, insisting that Beijing is prepared to screen potential carriers as Asia prepares for Lunar New Year, one of the continent’s biggest travel days.

A mask-clad commuter rides a bus in Beijing on January 21, 2020. - The number of people in

Hong Kong’s 2020 Lunar New Year Parade Canceled for Being ‘Too Risky’

Organizers of Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year parade, a major annual event since 1996, announced it will not be held in 2020 because its route through an area that has seen a great deal of protest activity over the past five months is “too risky.” The parade will reportedly be replaced by a carnival, which would be stationary and easy to secure.

Performers take part in the annual Lunar New Year parade in the Kowloon district of Hong K